34th Annual Conference of the Association for Anthropology and Medicine (AGEM) in Cooperation with the Austrian Ethnomedical Society and Weltmuseum Wien June 2-4, 2022, Vienna, Austria
Heldenplatz, 1010 Wien: Forum
Lecture: Barbara Graf (AT): Visual representations of bodily sensations and their individual and cultural conditionality – A visual phenomenology: Time slot FRIDAY, June 3rd, 14:30 – 16:00

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Tracing Decay

Tracing Decay is a VR experience that aims at revisiting and reinventing art.
Featuring work by Barbara Graf, Huda Lutfi, Daniel Reidy ft. Greg Pond.
Tracing Decay is a project that aims at reloading memory of impactful art, that countered decay and interference, proving that forgetting was not necessarily a deconstructive state for the sake of pure entropy. An invitation to explore, revisit and reinvent profound visions in a new context; one that embarks on existing works by artists willing to embrace the change of state. A chance for self-rediscovery and representation beyond brick and mortar; where previously hosted projects in physical space can now become a part of a virtual story. Creating unique scenarios that explore the potential of Virtual Reality as an immersive medium, with the intent to enhance the audience experience. Produced by Art in Reverb, in collaboration with Womb Tech. Curated and directed by Nagla Samir.